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Patrick Wozniak

Software Engineer

I'm a software developer who discovered my passion for coding at the age of 16, and since then, I've become an experienced frontend engineer with a strong focus on JavaScript/TypeScript and React/React Native.


As a freelancer, I am open to new opportunities and projects and would be delighted to discuss how I can assist you, whether you are a startup aiming to develop a new product, an established business seeking to modernize your systems, or a non-profit organization facing a specific technology challenge.

Contact me: hi@patwoz.de


Besides my freelancing, I'm working with two colleagues to build an IT service company (piparo.tech) where we bring our collective skills and experience to offer our clients tailored solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

In addition to providing IT services to our clients, our company is also striving to develop our own products to bring to market. As a team of experienced developers, we are constantly exploring new ideas and identifying opportunities to create products that meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Contact us: info@piparo.tech